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Why Golden Stupa?

Stupas are the oldest form of spiritual architecture, predating Buddhism and Hinduism.  Like many forms of spiritual architecture, they contain relics, art and precious materials important to the community.  Stupas also create an atmosphere of peace, where gardens, humans and various animal and bird species co-exist harmoniously within the surrounding vicinity.  Like many pyramid designs, stupas have internal cavities and channels allowing the flow of air, water or life.  Placing gold or other precious materials on the surface or insides of the stupa is a means for a community to place its wealth in the community center, instead of hoarding such materials for oneself or a limited clan.

Our vision for Golden Stupa Media is to serve our and other peoples’ communities in a way that generates harmony and healthy cultural expression.

Who Are We?

We are a small group of technically minded creatives who specialize in supporting clients’ various media related needs.  Whether you are promoting your art, music / podcasts, film, business or passions, we offer a spectrum of digital and print services in support.  Our team’s dedication to beautiful design, quality and attention to detail is rooted in our collective experience within the visual arts.  We are artists too!

Jacob Aman

Jacob Aman

Chief Design Architect

- 20 years of experience providing web development, graphic and web design services
- 10 years video post-production
- 10 years 3D modeling and CAD design
- Scientist and information technician, with experience managing servers
- Visual artist (watercolor, acrylics, oil, digital and photography) and musician

Justin Mackey

Print Services Manager / System Administrator

- Web and System Administration
- Large Format Print maker
- Graphic designer and digital artist
- Photographer

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