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Starting in July 2018 with the release of Google Chrome version 68, Google will begin alerting users when they encounter a website that is not configured with an encryption certificate for secure connections.  Given that the Chrome browser continues to expand its dominance on the browser market (nearly 80% at the time of my writing), it will become more important to configure your website with an SSL certificate.  According to Google, roughly 70+% of websites are now connecting securely with users.

Many folks are opting for free certificates like those provided by Let’s Encrypt, a certificate authority formed by the Internet Security Research Group (public benefit corporation out of California).  However, there are some limitations to these free service.  Primarily, the renewal time period is shorter and Let’s Encrypt does not provide warranties or fraud insurance.

If you are ready to configure your website for secure connections using SSL encryption, let us know!  We have converted dozens of websites to https.

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