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Web Design

We specialize in producing organic, visually captivating websites for a range of needs.  Our clients have included artists, podcasts, physicians and healers, environmental organizations, engineering and construction companies, and independent scientists.

We use WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) of choice, but can also assist your website needs using other CMS platforms if you have an existing site on such platforms or prefer an alternative.  Our team provides client user training for WordPress and we install the latest pagebuilder plugins making it easier for you to maintain your website.

 Related Web Services

SSL / Https

Whether you wish to encrypt your email or provide a secure connection to clients on your website, we can assist you with selecting and configuring an appropriate security certificate.  Security certificates work like insurance, so choosing the right level of protection is key.  Selecting the appropriate certificate authority and certificates helps ensure that your website and your clients are protected against hacker thefts.  If you are providing Ecommerce on your website, installing SSL is mission critical.

Email Server Migrations

If you are moving to a new server and need to migrate your email accounts, Golden Stupa Media can complete the migration for you.  We run scripts that migrate the accounts to your new server and then complete checks to ensure that the migration was exhaustive.  In some hosting scenarios it is not possible to migrate email, but for many a migration can be achieved.


We can assist clients who wish to sell products and services via their website.  We generally prefer Woocommerce for WordPress, however based on your product and service needs a different plugin or solution may be more apt.  Let us know what kind of products and/or services you wish to sell, and we can help plan out the most cost-effective and stable way to manage the Ecommerce portion of your website.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Managing your client and contractor database can be done within the confines of your own website, or connected to your site.  There are circumstances where having this integration is preferable.  If you have customer relations needs beyond the scope of a simple Ecommerce customer database, contact us and let us know your situation.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We have training in the design and management of online GIS.  This can be a powerful way to present information to your clients, whether it is displayed publicly to attract clients or as a backend service to your clients for their projects.

Document Managers / Client Account Portal

Sharing documents with a diverse range of people using popular services like DropBox can be difficult when the other party is technically challenged, doesn’t have an account or the client cannot access the popular filesharing service due to restrictions by their company or government agency.  We can help you install an appropriate filesharing system on your website, as well as other client account access functions.

Website Project Examples

Here are a few websites that we have created.  Inquire for more examples.

Blue Corn Publishing

Amotion Media

People for Native Ecosystems

Santa Fe Archaeological Society

Future Primitive

Synergetic Press

Quiel School Signs

Pristine Image Inc.

Ow Commercial

Aspen CRM Solutions

Psychedelic Integration List

Duija Ros


MAPS Public Benefit Corporation

MAPS Europe

Institute of Ecotechnics

Winning Probiotics

Quiel Signs

One Love Honey Bee

Garcia Concrete Construction

Weber, Hayes and Associates

Hip Santa Cruz History Project

Sunstone Technology Services

Levity Zone Podcast

Low Risk Closure Policy Website

Cloudview Ecofarms

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